On this page, you can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding general visa rules, application process and detailed requirement of documents. Please click on the questions you want to view or type “Ctrl+F” in order to search by key word, you will find the corresponding text on the page.

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1. Schengen visa information

1.1. What is the Schengen Area?

1.2. What is the European Union?

1.3. Do I need a Schengen visa?

1.4. Where can I apply for a visa?

1.5. When should I apply for a visa?

1.6. What are Schengen visa, national visa and Airport Transit visa?

1.7. Where can I get a visa application from?

1.8. How to read the visa sticker?

1.9. What is the Visa Information System (VIS)?

1.10. Family members of EU/EEA and Swiss nationals

2. Application procedure

2.1. What will happen on the day of my appointment?

2.2. Can someone else apply for a visa on my behalf?

2.3. What do I need to consider when applying through a representative?

2.4. Do I need to enroll my biometric data in the visa application centre?

2.5. Could the Visa Section request me to provide additional documents or information?

2.6. What are the special requirements for minor applicants?

2.7. How can I collect my passport?

2.8. What is the average processing time?

2.9. Can I submit my application documents by post?

2.10. What do I do in case of visa refusal?

2.11. How to book an appointment on TLScontact website?

3. Visa documents requirement

3.1. Passport

3.2. Photo

3.3. Travel health insurance

3.4. Bank statements

4. Biometric data capture

4.1. I have already submitted my biometric data when I last applied for a visa. Do I have to come in person and submit them again if I re-apply for a visa?

4.2. How do I know whether fingerprint scans have already been provided during a previous Schengen visa application?

4.3. I got a refusal for my last visa application and I had provided my biometric data during the application process. Do I have to come in person and submit them again if I re-apply for a visa?

4.4. In which cases can I be exempted of biometric data capture?

4.5. Can the application be firstly submitted by a representative or by post and the fingerprints provided at a later stage (for example: one day after the application submission)?

4.6. Will the visas which have been issued before the 12th of October remain valid?

4.7. Can fingerprints from a previous national visa be copied into a Schengen-Visa?

4.8. Can fingerprints be copied from a previous UK- or US-Visa into a Schengen visa?