4.1 I have already submitted my biometric data when I last applied for a visa. Do I have to come in person and submit them again if I re-apply for a visa?

Biometric data already collected for a Schengen visa is valid for 59 months from the date the biometric data capture was done. If you have already provided your biometric data for a previous successful Schengen visa application with one Schengen country, then you do not need to come in person to submit them again if you apply for a new Schengen visa, even with a different Schengen country. You will only have to provide the visa sticker number and photocopy of the Schengen visa as a proof during the new visa application procedure. Your fingerprint scans can be copied for your follow-up application from the central VIS database. The VIS is a common database to all Schengen countries. After expiry of 59 months, you have to provide fingerprint scans again.